About Nut-Med

Most Effective and All Natural Pain Relief Formula

Nut-Med Pain Relief Spray and Cream

- Fast Acting Pain Relief                - Natural Ingredients
- Available in Spray or Cream         - No Side Effects

Nut-Med is great for:

- Arthritis       - Sports Injuries       - Sprains      - Tennis elbow 
- Backaches      - Muscle Pains       - Bruises      - Joint Strains

Spray the Pain Away

Nut-Med™ is a fast acting, effective pain relief spray with a unique blend of soothing natural ingredients. By using a metered spray delivery system, Nut-Med™ is a convenient, fast and easy way to provide relief from pain in muscles and joints. You will feel relief just moments after spraying the painful area! Will not stain clothing. Not tested on animals. No Side effects. So convenient you'll carry it with you at all time. You may want to keep some at the office, in the car, on the boat, in your purse and of course - at home. 600 sprays per bottle! Simply spray the pain away!

Fast Pain Relief

The powerful botanicals in Nut-Med™ has been successful in providing immediate relief for: Backaches, Muscular Aches and Pains, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Athletic Injuries, Inflammation of Joints, Arthritis, Headaches, and Menstrual Cramps. A few sprays with Nut-Med™ has immediate cooling (Peppermint) or warming (Wintergreen) effect and fast pain relieving properties. Proof positive by over 500,000 customers.

All Natural Ingredients

Nut-Med™ contains pure essential oils. "Doctor Spray", Denis Noel of Grenada West Indies, created this unique, patented formula with the perfect blends of wintergreen oil, or peppermint oil, nutmeg oil, coconut oil and sugarcane alcohol. The nutmeg tree is quite a remarkable plant and a main product of Grenada. From it they make jams, jellies, syrups, seasoning and meat preservatives. Even Coca-Cola and Vicks Vapor Rub use it in their formulas. There are no unwanted side effects and Nut-Med™ can be taken safely with other meds. Doctor Spray says, "Spray people you know and spray people you don't know - they'll love you for it. It's like taking the thorn out of the lions paw."


Our special blending process of all-natural ingredients create an ideal product for delivering pain relief topically. It has a refreshing, pleasant fragrance that dissipates after a few minutes.