Nut-Med Testimonials

"I found that my 90 year old mother, who suffers from arthritis, was rationing the Nut-Med. She said that it was the only thing that worked so she could sleep at night. It's helped her so well we got her 4 more bottles and 4 more for our friends in South Carolina."
Barbara F, Rhode Island


"I had a lot of pain in my back and found it so hard to sleep. I tried everything else and thought that there would be no relief and I don't like a lot of pills but then a friend gave me some Nut-Med and I tell you this, it worked like magic and it's still working".
TY G, North Carolina


" friend who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis had sore feet when she visited on Tuesday…on went the spray… away went the agony… she called yesterday morning to report that she woke up well enough to talk a walk… a pleasure long denied."
Barbara J. Trinidad


"My mother who suffers from arthritis now tells me that this has proved to be the most effective pain relief she has ever had."
Val S. United Kingdom


"The spray is wonderful - I am able to sleep through the night without the throbbing pain in my hips, knees, elbows and ankles." 


"Having had two operations.. I have been left with a problem in one leg. However, one spray of Nut-Med on the spot allows me to walk without shouting pain." 
Carol C. 


"My hands and ankles ache as soon as a west wind blows. When this happens, a few applications of Nut-Med make my rotten articulations feel better. In the last century there were two great inventions to make people more comfortable: ASPIRIN and NUT-MED. Congrats to the inventor." 
Comte Bernard, Paris


"At last I can get a good night's rest, thanks to Nut-Med." 
Cyril R, Grenada


"I am a surfer and quite active. I get a few sore muscles all the time. I love Nut-Med and use it quite often, early in the morning and sometimes before I go to sleep. The pain goes away in about 15 minutes and I can be active again. I keep one in the car and in my brief case. I'll never be without it." 
Bob B, Rhode Island